SchiraDesign Schink tattoo Artigiano

To give life to dreams you need to live in them. My studio is nestled in the hills, surrounded by the warmth of my family. I live in a dream so I understand and best interpret the dreams to be transferred to the skin. Those who describe to me what they want to paint on themselves will find a safe haven. I move from the figurative genre to the Japanese style: I am versatile because I went from body painting to tattooing in a natural and simple way. But I believe that basically there are only three types of tattoo: what you have inside and nobody sees, what you have outside and what comes out from inside. In 15 years as an airbrush painter I have conquered important placings at the Italian and world championships. Wonderful memories: thanks also to these I am able to give shape to the thoughts of my clients, making the tattoos for each of them unique, inimitable and original pieces.